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What is a Fresh 48?

What is this Fresh 48 session you keep hearing about, and why do you need one? This Columbus Georgia Newborn Photographer is here to lay it out for you!

Fresh 48 sessions take place at your baby’s place of birth, which is typically your postpartum room at the hospital. They are done within the first 2 days after baby is born and are meant to capture all those tiny raw details that change so very quickly even before your scheduled newborn session. The little flakes on their fingers and toes, the fuzz that drapes their backs and ears. Not to mention the absolutely glowing and smitten new parents. Once siblings are allowed back to visit Mom after the baby is born, Fresh 48s are the absolute sweetest way to document your older children meeting the new baby for the first time.

One thing I remember about having my children was just how peaceful those first 48 hours were before heading home and being on our own. Just something about the absolute bliss that washes over you once baby is actually here. I have spent years turning those feelings into works of art for families. Whenever asked, YES you should absolutely book a Fresh 48 session! Hang onto those moments for as long as you possibly can.

Columbus Georgia Newborn and Fresh 48 Photographer

Auburn Alabama Newborn and Fresh 48 Photographer

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