ultimate master list of my most popular shots and angles!

I have been working on a list of my favorite Fresh 48 poses and shots for awhile now. This guide will give you several different baby only and family posing ideas.

I am a professional photographer specializing in hospital Fresh 48 sessions in the Columbus Georgia area. This guide is meant for inspirational purposes only. If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!


Starting off with my most favorite part of each session. Bassinet shots! These are some of the simplest shots to do and there are so many possibilities for cuteness! I always take the opportunity to get as many detail shots as I can while baby is in the bassinet. Their little feet and wrinkly little hands, their fuzzy little ears and their chunky thighs. I am also really loving the from above angle. The sides of the bassinet are really great for adding depth to your image when you are shooting from above.

*Pro tip, bring a little folding step stool to sessions to get that higher angle! I'm 5'10 and still bring my little stool. I got mine from Homegoods for $12.99.

Collage of newborn photos in hospital bassinet in Columbus GA

In case you couldn't tell, baby feet in dad's hands are kind of my favorite.


These are some of my favorite family poses. They are for sure posed and way less of the documentary approach. Keep reading for some of those!

These are surprisingly easy to do with just some window light. Shooting down along the window will help with background noise and distraction.


These are the fun ones! The "as you were" type shots. Mom or dad swaddling baby, older sibling taking a peek or simply just hanging out. I love to mash up posing and documentary!

Bonus tip - I love to try to capture an image with the wall clock in the background. How cool is it to look back on the images and know the exact time and day? The image on the bottom left, I caught the wall clock AND Dad's watch!

Mom + baby

Last, but most certainly not least. Mom and baby poses. These are the most important in my opinion even though Mom may not feel that way at the time. She just brought a new life into this world! That is amazing and needs to be documented. There are plenty of ways to capture their sweet bond without making mama feel too vulnerable if she isn't feeling her best. These are some of my favorites!

My new favorite angle! I love how real it is, sheet wrinkles and all.

I hope this quick guide has helped inspire you! Fresh 48 sessions are truly an art form in their own and no two will ever be the same. Try different angles, use different light, there is no wrong way to document.