5 Tips for photographing your newborn at the hospital


During my time as a newborn and fresh 48 photographer I have been to countless hospitals and worked in numerous lighting conditions. With the the current virus pandemic that is sweeping our nation so many hospitals are closing their doors to outside visitors, leaving a lot of new parents without their hired photographer to capture their precious moments with their brand new baby.

I have put together 5 of my favorite tips to help parents best capture their babies first few hours earth side.

tip # 1 – Open all the blinds and turn off all the other lights in the room.

Natural light is the absolute best for hospital photography. The white and orange lights of most hospital rooms will cast an awkward color cast over babies skin. Don’t be afraid to take baby near the open window. Vitamin D is good for you!!

tip # 2 – Plan your photos after a feeding.

The saying is all too true. A fed baby is a happy baby. Birth is tiring, not just for mom, but also for baby. I have found that newborns are the most calm right after a feeding and they tend to snooze right through all the photos. Who doesn’t love adorable shots of a brand new baby dreaming the day away?

tip # 3 – Bring simple clothing.

This is a big one! Something I tell all of my clients before every session. Bring something to wear in photos that is plain and simple. Earth tones really work best or whites. Bold patterns or big logos are very distracting in photos and you don’t want to forever be staring at the Nike or Adidas logo right behind your babies head while Dad is holding him!

This tip also goes for baby! All the little duckies and butterflies are super cute on onesies, but plain onesies or little outfits just photograph so well in a hospital setting.

tip # 4 – Angle is everything.

One of the best newborn photography tips in general is all about angles. You do not want to position your camera so that your angle is showing up the babies nose. Position your camera just slightly higher so that babies nostrils are barely showing. That always makes for the most flattering images. Don’t be afraid to try all sorts of different angles, from the side or from above. There are so many possibilities!

tip # 5 – Details matter!

This is my most important tip. Details matter. Their little hands and feet only stay this little, for a very little while. Capture photos of their little fingers and little ears. The little fuzz on their shoulders or cheeks. Take a shot of the top of their head showing all their hair or their lack of it! These types of photos are ALWAYS favorites of all of my clients. They are also my favorites of all of my own children. They are absolutely priceless!

BONUS TIP: Whatever you do, don’t forget to get some captures with the new mama and babe. I know the last thing most of us mothers want to do right after giving birth is be photographed. You don’t have to publish them online, but I have had so many of my moms come back to me later and tell me how thankful they are that I got them in the frame for a few shots. That time period is such a blur for most new parents that sometimes small details like making sure mama is in photos with baby can be forgotten. They don’t have to be perfectly photographed images, they will be perfect because of the memories attached to them.


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